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Addictive Gel Nail Polish UV LED

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Addictive UV LED Gel Nail Polish has been used by thousands of nail technicians for over 6 years now. With hundreds of colours, and guaranteed to last, it has become so popular within Australia.

It has a super glossy finish, chip resistant, lasts 2-4 weeks, no drying time, cures in 30+ seconds depending on your lamp. Apply to natural nails or over artificial enhancements.

All our Gel products must be cured under a UV or LED lamp.

With fast Australia wide shipping, you’ll get your order in no time.

Instructions for use:

Prep the nail by pushing back cuticle and lightly buff the surface.

Cleanse the nail surface with Addictive Cleanser Plus.

Prime the nail with Addictive Primer (if required)

Apply the following:

Addictive Gel Nail Polish Base Coat and cure

Addictive Gel Nail Polish Colour coat and cure

A second colour coat and cure (it is very rare to need a third coat with our polish as they are very highly pigmented and give great coverage unless it supposed to be transparent or semi-transparent.)

Addictive Gel Nail Polish Top coat and cure

Cleanse sticky residue (inhibition layer) with Addictive Cleanser Plus.