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Addictive Dip System Dipping Powder 20ml/15g – Bright Coral

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Addictive dip system is a long lasting nail coating that supports and protects, and therefore strengthens the nail. Addictive dipping powder and liquids provide a strong hard shell that protects the nail for 1-4 weeks and soaks off fairly easily. Enjoy faster application time, and if using with our dip gels, no curing is required. You can also use your Gel polish top coat, but curing is required.

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Instructions for use:

*Complete correct manicure procedure prior to application.

*Smooth/ buff and cleanse the nail thoroughly.

*Apply primer or dehydrator if necessary

*Apply base coat on each nail

*Apply base coat to 1 nail, and immediately dip the tip into Dipping powder. Repeat for all nails 1 at a time.

*Do 3 coats of base and Dipping powder (total).

*Apply a thin coat of activator to all nails

*Lightly buff all nails

*Apply a thin coat of activator to all nails

*Apply a very thin coat of top coat to all nails and then repeat.

*Allow 2-3 minutes to dry completely.

For removal, soak off in 100% acetone for at least 10 mins. The product should wipe off after soaking. – Glitter powders take much longer.

To speed up the process, buff 50% off first, being very careful not to touch the natural nail.

This product is for professional use only.

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 mm


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